Des Moines Household Storage

Household Storage

Do you have Des Moines household storage needs? Give Smoldt Moving & Storage a call. Our company maintains a 15,000 square foot temperature-controlled and theft-and-fire proofed warehouse on the north side of Des Moines that's perfect for the short-term or long-term storage of your family's belongings. Customers have noted that the flexibility of our options and the security of our Des Moines storage facilitiesmake us their most trusted household storage company. Our variety of options allow us to provide a variety of household storage solutions, and clients use us as everything from a storage space for excess materials while they show their homes to prospective buyers to a temporary holding space for their goods while they're in the midst of a household move. Some clients even use our storage space as a long-term space for items too large or cumbersome to store at home.

Des Moines Movers, Smoldt Moving & Storage makes packing, storage and pricing a simple process. Our movers and packers can pack, load and store your items, or you can wrap and drop them off at our Des Moines household storage facility at your convenience. We use vaulted storage to protect your items against both damage and theft, and keep track of your items - and contact you regarding their pick and delivery - with our comprehensive inventory management system. Pricing for use of our Des Moines household storage facilities is calculated based on weight and days in storage, and is determined by on-site survey. We're also equipped to arrange storage through our affiliation with Wheaton World Wide Moving.

Smoldt Moving & Storage's quality service, variety of amenities and trained and experienced personnel make every Des Moines household storage operation simple. Contact us today to learn more about what how we can meet your family's storage needs - please fill out our FREE, no-obligation quote form or call us to learn more about our services and our Des Moines household storage facilities.