Certain products and equipment require specialized moving due to the materials they are made out of. A higher level of protection must be taken to ensure a safe and secure move for electronics and medical equipment to name a few. The trained staff of packers and drivers at Smoldt Moving & Storage have years of experience in packing, loading and unloading high-value products. We can move large items like SUVs that require vehicle shipping, as well as small items like glass sculptures that require fine art moving. We are happy to assist you in all of your specialized shipping requirements.

  • Des Moines Military Movers
    You will receive a free in-home estimate from the very beginning. Throughout the entire military move, Smoldt Moving & Storage only offers quality in its packing materials, employees and equipment.
  • Des Moines IT Movers
    During an office move an IT/electronics move can accompany it. We have air-ride equipped trailers that will provide a smooth ride for your computers, tablets and other mobile electronics to their final destination.
  • Des Moines Lab Movers
    No matter how large the facility is, we can assure you we have the equipment and manpower to move the largest of your sensitive lab equipment.
  • Des Moines Medical Movers
    Don't let anyone move your expensive x-ray machines and surgical robots. Trust the medical equipment moving professionals at Smoldt Moving & Storage.
  • Des Moines Vehicle Shipping
    Make your cross-country move budget-friendly and avoid wear-and-tear on your car by using our vehicle shipping services.
  • Des Moines Fine Art Moving
    We custom-crate unique pieces of artwork, from sculptures to large canvas paintings.