Moving your household—whether it’s a small, one-bedroom apartment or a sprawling, suburban, 5-bedroom home, can be a stressful and complicated undertaking. When moving with children, however, things can get really crazy, which is why professional moving services (or at the very least, exceptional organization and planning) can be of great help for your relocation project.

At Smoldt Moving & Storage, we’re a full-service relocation company that’s moved thousands of families to new homes in the area and all over the country. We’re local and long-distance movers with expertise in planning smooth and efficient moves for households with young children, and are always eager to share our advice for planning smooth and organized moves.

If you’re planning a move with kids, take a look at our Des Moines movers’ top five moving tips for relocation with children that can help you take some of the stress out of the experience.

1.  Start Packing Early, and During Off-Hours

Parents of very young children aren’t exactly blessed with a whole lot of leisure time. This can make packing up extremely difficult to do during the daytime hours, when our attention is pulled into a million different directions. For this reason, we highly suggest waiting to pack until after the kids are asleep. Once the children are in bed, you’re likely to find it a lot easier to get more done—and it can be a fabulous way to unwind as well.

Another very helpful tip is to start this process as early as you can—preferably at least a month or two in advance. Packing can take a surprisingly long time to finish, and it’s always more than double the time than what you might expect. With kids, however, this can mean triple the time, or longer—and starting out early will help keep you from rushing at the last minute to stuff items in boxes.

2.  Pack Strategically

While this may seem like obvious advice, it’s still worth pointing out the importance of packing with a plan. Professional moving companies are experts at creating a personalized packing plan and calendar for households to organize their projects into daily to-do lists, which is another huge perk when it comes to hiring one to help you move.

You can create your own packing list and calendar, focusing on lists of items that you don’t use often. As the move gets closer, you’ll want to pack up things that you use more frequently, ending with kitchen items and any special toys that the kids use frequently. Also make sure to pack overnight bags with each family member’s daily essentials for the day of the move, especially if you’re planning a long-distance relocation.

3.  Let Them Help Out

It goes without saying that more hands can make the work go a lot faster. Older children are great at helping out before a move, and can also benefit emotionally from feeling part of what can sometimes be a difficult experience. Younger children are usually very happy to help as well, and can be given small tasks that can make them feel like they’re contributing to the project.

A great way to have the smallest members of the family feel involved is to let them decorate their moving boxes for their bedrooms. Give them plenty of markers, crayons, and other supplies to label the boxes that belong to them. Not only will this help the movers distinguish between boxes, but it will keep them busy and out of the way while you get things done in other areas of the house.

4.  Find a Sitter or Ask a Relative to Babysit

The younger your kids are, the more difficult it can be to organize and execute a move. If you know someone you can trust to watch your children for you while you pack, or that can take them for a day or two while you are moving, take advantage of the opportunity.

Whether it’s a close family friend, a relative, or a hired babysitter, give yourself the time alone that you need to make progress. On the day of the move, it can also be safer for your kids to keep them away from the hustle and bustle of the process, and can keep them from getting bored as well.

5.  Hire Professional Movers to Help With Your Move

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most practical and efficient things you can do to facilitate a move with kids is to hire a residential moving company. A top-rated, quality moving team can help you with customized services tailored to your project, like custom crating, full-service packing and unpacking, specialized moving for heavy equipment and furniture, storage services, and so much more.

Professional local or long-distance movers can also help you organize a detailed and effective moving plan to keep the process moving smoothly. At Smoldt Moving & Storage, for example, our residential moving company offers free, in-home consultations to discuss our moving process, policies, and to offer a no-obligation price estimate tailored to the size and scope of your move.

If you’re looking for exceptional moving services in the Des Moines and surrounding areas, our team of expert Des Moines movers at Smoldt Moving & Storage can help. To find out more about our customized services for relocation with or without children in tow, give our team a call today and ask about our free, in-home pricing estimates. To schedule a price quote in your home now, fill out the online form and we’ll get back to you shortly.