Packing up all your belongings into boxes and crates for a big Des Moines move is a great starting point to getting your things organized for your new home—but it doesn’t end after the moving truck leaves! Once the boxes have been unloaded and you find yourself settling into your new house, how do you keep things organized, efficient and tidy? Here, your friends at Smoldt Moving have put together a few tips to keep your new home in top-top shape after you move in.

Make a Plan: Before you begin unpacking at the new place, sit down with your family or loved ones and discuss where everything should go. Be sure that you’re all on the same page about what belongings go in which rooms, the purpose of all cabinets and drawers, and where all major pieces of furniture go, etc. so no one ends up unpacking something, only to have to move it somewhere else later or be unable to find it.

Unpack ASAP: While it can be tempting to put off unpacking after a long and tiresome moving day, it’s important to get started as soon as possible. Set a deadline to motivate yourself and work through the boxes a little at a time so you don’t find yourself still living out of piles and suitcases 6 months down the line.

Unpack for Function –THEN Decoration: Yes, we know it’s tempting to start hanging up all your family photos, favorite posters and artwork, but it’s important that you start unpacking the things you need to go about your daily life before you get to the decorating.

Store It: After you’ve started digging into the unpacking process, you might be having a hard time fitting everything into your new home. If so, Smoldt provides temperature controlled, security monitored storage for many household items that can help you downsize without having to toss anything. We can help you clear our everything you don’t immediately need at your new home so only have to focus on unpacking and organizing the essentials.

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